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Manager from Poonam Bazar Held for selling sanitizers at higher price

Amidst the outbreak of the COVID 19 virus, we see the health professionals recommending the use of hand sanitizers to avoid coronavirus. With this, we saw the sale of the hand sanitizer has gone up. Now, we have cases based in the city when many people even started selling fake products under the name of hand sanitizer, but this time we see a different case when the Manager of Poonam Bazaar when he started selling the products at higher cost.

The manager identified as Ashok Krishnarao Jagtap at Poonam Bazaar located at Shastri Nagar, Nandanvan has been held for selling the hand sanitizers of 100 ml and 200 ml for the cost of 50 and 100 INR respectively. As per the rule, one cannot take higher cost as shown on the packets of the same. Similar case was found in the other super bazaar of Poonam Bazar at Alankar Square. 

This was then reported to the FDA and the Crime Branch who soon took this notice as a matter of urgency. They raided the Poonam Bazaar and found the manager selling the said product at higher cost for which the manager was arrested at Shastri Nagar, Nandanvan. As per Nivad Lande the FDA Zone Officer informed that no one can sell the same at a higher cost and the manager at the said Poonam Bazar was seen selling the hand sanitizers at the cost of 80 and 140 rs respectively. The inflated cost of the sanitizers seemed to cost the manager.




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