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A Group of City School Principals to Visit Delhi Schools to study success model

The Delhi government schools have become the talk of the town. All thanks to the up-gradation of these schools in the National Capital making them par to the international schools and even better than the private schools. Indeed the Aam Aadmi Party-led government in Delhi has its credit for making them competitive and the source of attraction to all. The First lady from the US is also expected to visit the Delhi Schools run by the Delhi Government. It seems that the former education Minister Mr. Manish Sisodia had worked hard on it to make them par.

Considering their tireless efforts to make them par to excellence schools, a delegation of Nagpur principals is likely to visit Delhi to study the successful model of the government schools. The School Headmasters Charitable Association of the officer bearers will form a delegation of school principals in Nagpur who would visit the Delhi schools next month.

Talking about the same, Mr. Zafar Khan the founder president of the body SHCA spilled the beans on his plan to visit Delhi. He said it is appreciating to see the Kejriwal government doing a lot. He further said that the initiative carried out by Mr. Manish Sisodia the Education Minister and the Dy CM of Delhi Government should be studied in detail to see how the development has taken a plan in the National Capital. He said the delegation will study various aspects of the model and even talk to the stakeholders including the parents and teachers.

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