Adnan Javid Khan is the Youngest Entrepreneur from Baramulla

Adnan Javid Khan
Adnan Javid Khan

Adnan Javid Khan is an Entrepreneur, internet marketing and social media marketing expert from Baramulla, Jammu and Kashmir, India. Khan is Born on (05 march 2003) in Baramulla. He is the youngest entrepreneur from Baramulla who started his career at just the age of 14, he started his career in digital marketing in 2017, founded an internet marketing company known as ‘Notorious Digital Media’ (earlier known as ‘Block Domain’) he serves as the C.E.O of the company. Being an Entrepreneur may seem easy but never is by choosing entrepreneurship is not easy and is full of difficulties. Being an entrepreneur means you are never off duty, at least until you get some success. In entrepreneurship there is no concept of weekends, you have to work 24/7.

If you are in a corporate job, you work hard on weekdays and party hard on weekends but being an entrepreneur mean work hard on weekdays and then work harder on weekends, don’t relax, keep working. There is so much work in a startup that you hardly find time for your family, and if you find some time for the family, you won’t enjoy it completely as in back of your mind you always have some problem loops running continuously, which would keep bothering you.

It might be some problem with a product or something related to funding or if nothing else then entrepreneurs always keep thinking on how to grow further, but your mind doesn’t let you concentrate fully on anything else. Just like other entrepreneurs, it was not an easy path to follow for him, the stress of high school exams and following entrepreneurship was already giving him headaches and difficulty to keep up, having busy schedules round the clock. he knew about the parts and risks, thus he had the support of his family who stood by him and made him keep up, and to overcome, he adds “To conquer your dreams, a family is all you need”.

Khan was always interested in video gaming from a very young age, he was also more interested in video directing and editing, he and his brothers (including cousins) used to create video content. Khan has always been supportive and helps pursue people their dreams, thus choosing Digital marketing as a career he wants to help more and more people by his affordable digital marketing services. Khan is not yet known by many people and wishes to gain notability to reach more customers and help.

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