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Amazon 15th Aug 2020 Quiz Answer: Play And Win OnePlus Y Series TV

Amazon Quiz Answers - 15th Aug 2020

OnePlus Y Series TV
OnePlus Y Series TV

Today’s Amazon Quiz Details:

  • Amazon quiz today prize – OnePlus Y Series TV
  • Amazon quiz Date – 15th Aug 2020
  • Winners List Will Declare On – 16th Aug 2020
  • Winner:1

How To Enter Into Quiz:

  1. Download Amazon Mobile App
  2. Log in with your credentials
  3. Click on Menu Button
  4. Scroll Down and Find QuizTime Daily 8AM-12PM
    How To Play Amazon Quiz
    How To Play Amazon Quiz

Amazon Quiz Answers – Aug 15, 2020

Q1: The first woman to hold a Cabinet Rank in the Indian government Rajkumari Amrit Kaur, held which Ministry?
Answer 1: Minister of Heath

Q2: Under Whose Leadership Was Azad Hind, An Indian Provisional Government, Established In Japanese Occupied Singapore During World War II?
Answer 2: Subhas Chandra Bose

Q3: The world celebrated this 25th July as the 100th birthday of Rosalind Franklin, known for her contributions to the discovery of what?
Answer 3: Molecular structure of DNA

Q4: The Okavango Delta, one of Africa’s last remaining great wildlife habitat, is located in which country?
Answer 4: Botswana

Q5: Which young revolutionary, along with Prafulla Chaki, attempted to assassinate a British judge, Magistrate Douglas Kingsford?
Answer 5: Khudiram Bose

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