Amazon Quiz Answers

Amazon Indus Valley Quiz Answers: Play And Win 10,000 Rs Pay Balance

Amazon Indus Valley Quiz Ans - 22nd May To 12th Jun 2020

Amazon Indus Valley Quiz Answers
Amazon Indus Valley Quiz Answers

Today’s Amazon Quiz Details: Indus Valley Quiz

  • Amazon quiz today prize – 10,000 Rs
  • Amazon quiz Date – 22nd May 2020 To 12th Jun 2020
  • Winners List Will Declare On – 30th July 2020
  • Winner:6

How To Enter Into Quiz:

  1. Download Amazon Mobile App
  2. Log in with your credentials
  3. Click on Menu Button
  4. On Next Page, You Will See FunZone Banner – Just Click On That.
  5. Select  Amazon Indus Valley Quiz Banner.

Entry Question For Indus Valley Quiz:

Que: Which of the following is your primary/ most important consideration while selecting your hair color?
Select Answer – Chemical free with natural ingredients

Amazon Indus Valley Quiz
Amazon Indus Valley Quiz

Amazon Quiz Answers – Correct Answers

Q1. Which of the following may be potential side effects of hair color with chemicals such as ammonia?
Answer– All Of The Above

Q2. Which of these are chemicals present in some hair colors, which could potentially damage your hair?
Answer– Ammonia, PPD and bleach

Q3. Which of the following statements is NOT true for Indus Valley gel hair color?
Answer– Is available in 100 colors

Q4. What can Indus Valley gel hair color be used for?
Answer– Grey coverage and root touch up

Q5. While purchasing Indus Valley gel hair color, using which of these features can you set up recurring deliveries and save 5-10% extra on your purchase?
Answer– Subscribe and save

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