An Actor & EQ Coach : Lakshay Narula Is Here To Stay

Whats a road without a few twist and turn! But somersaulting from Computers to Anchoring and Coaching, well, is a lot. This mix-bag of talent and handsomeness is none other than Lakshay Narula aka. VJ Laksy.

When routines bore you, you start exploring beyond your own circle of inspiration. VJ Laksy was no different!
Being a creative child he always loved to explore new avenues of learning to express himself. He loved to talk, but being a child no one listened to him. That’s when he endeared the computers who started talking to him. He loved them so much that Lakshay graduated in Software Development, landing up as a Software Developer in Turkey in 2013.

The computers enabled Lakshay to express in their language, but that was crass. Lakshay wanted to express himself to real humans who can understand his emotions and respond to it. He ventured in to Digital Marketing, understanding his clients and the masses and rendered them solutions, finally doing what he really loved to do.

But this quest for human interaction was unquenchable. Lakshay tried hand on Video Jockeying And Anchoring. And the day arose when Lakshay finally won the Biggest Reality VJ Hunt “EK VJ KE LIYE”, hosted by TV Music channel Sony Mix and thus transformed to VJ Laksy. He was well acknowledged for his sense of fashion and style of anchoring.
But as Lakshay says,” Exploration is Key to Success”, he proved it again. His voracious appetite to understand human nature persuaded him to enroll for coaching in EQ Training and today Lakshay is an internationally Certified EQ Coach and trainer too.

Managing multiple subjects and hobbies has become his passion, to which Lakshay says, “Explore Yourself till you exhaust and I’m not the one to be exhausted easily”
Waiting to see many more personalities of Lakshay Narula aka VJ Laksy aka EQ Coach aka Illusionist aka Lakshay.

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