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Ankita Kochhar, An Influential Face in the world of Fashion and Beauty

Ankita Kochhar
Ankita Kochhar

Her fashion tips are for 365 days. She is fashion & Lifestyle Guru for many, our own Ankita Kochhar. Born in small-town of Bareilly, She has travel continents as though it is normal for her travel and learn things. Her fashion sense and blogs are hugely popular, which showcase a clean and clear fashion with lively colours combination which you see rarely. She is a classic fashion Diva who showcases her travel adventures, personal style and values from her blogs and website.

Indian fashion designs and colours are way more precious than others in the world. Ankita is taking our rich culture forward with her bright and classic fashion sense and blogging. If you need a dose of style inspiration, Ankita has more than enough to offer. She has tips for everyday fashion and travel.

Ankita started blogging a year back to empower women to wear what they love and prove that we can wear anything which we feel is right. Ankita feels style come when you try different things, Yes, sometimes it can look unusual, but every new trend comes after trying odds.

Ankita feels that the best outfit a girl can wear is confidence. She is a faithful supporter of movements that encourage women to have a positive body image.

Right now, fashion blogs are the most trending things many girls try their luck on Instagram and other places. According to Ankita feels it is nothing in trying new things, but you should be real than only people will follow you. If you copy someone’s style, it wants work for long. Way Ankita does branding is unique, and her feeds are colourful. Follow Ankita on Instagram and get daily tips for the day.

We hope her passion for fashion remains the same in Ankita Kochhar, and she inspires more girls like her to become fashion Diva who can make name worldwide.

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