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Water storage tanks can make or break your healthy living routine. Choose them wisely

One of the significant challenges with water tanks is preventing contamination of water, which often go unnoticed. It can happen due to various reasons, the most apparent being materials that went into manufacturing tanks. They may not always be conducive to health. These materials slowly seep into the water and enter our bodies through the personal usage of contaminated water. For years people have overlooked this factor while choosing water tanks.

Water is not just life; it is the means to healthy and hygienic living. And just like charity begins at home, wellness in life should start inside a water storage tank.

Ori-Plast, the pioneering PVC piping solutions provider, has taken up the mission to correct this situation with its latest range of innovation – the food-grade LLDPE water storage tanks.


Polyethylene tanks can degrade in quality due to excessive heat during summer. Ori-Plast LLDPE tank variants have in-between foam-filled layer to keep water cool and healthy round the year.” – said an Ori-Plast executive.  

Ori-Plast LLDPE tanks are designed and manufactured with only the best quality materials for the highest level of health safety, strength, durability, heat protection and space availability. Offered in the options of two, three, four and five layers, these tanks are suitable for all types of water storage requirements in domestic, industrial and agricultural sectors.

Extra strong with more space

One of the recurring complaints with plastic and Polyethylene water storage tanks is that they cave in due to the stress from frequent overloads. Ori-Plast water tanks are multi-layered and durable; the spacious design prevents overloading beyond the capacity and helps to maintain structural integrity. As a result, these tanks survive much longer than other branded and non-branded plastic tanks, even with zero maintenance.

Colours of happiness

For people loving a splash of colours in their lives, Ori-Plast LLDPE tanks are a perfect choice. Currently, these tanks are available in 10 different aesthetically pleasing shades of Blue, Green, Pink, White, Mosaic, Marble, Yellow, Black, Sky blue and Army tank. They can seamlessly blend with a variety of exteriors, creating a visually stunning experience.

Keeping the content cool

Generic plastic and Polyethylene tanks heat up quickly from exposure to direct sunlight during tropical, equatorial summer and degrade in quality faster. Ori-Plast LLDPE water storage tank variants feature a foam-filled layer in-between the layers. Being a non-conductor of heat, foam keeps the water inside the tank cool, even during scorching summer days.

About Ori-Plast

From 1965, Ori-Plast, as a brand of PVC plumbing products, has earned end-users credibility with impeccable quality and reliability. With dedication, commitment to innovation, technological finesse, the company has established itself as a leader in a wide range of piping applications. Today, it manufactures a variety of uPVC, cPVC, SWR, bore-well pipes, confirming several national and international quality standards. Its LLPDE water storage solutions are industry standards in terms of health protection, durability and affordability.   Explore for more details.

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