Arti Singh Becomes Trending on Social Media Platforms

Arti Singh, who is quite a strong contestant of Bigg Boss season 13, has been making the headlines, these days. She is one of the most liked contestants in the present time in Bigg Boss house. Many other contenders also give tough competition to her but; she still stands in her position.

During the beginning, Arti Singh played for her team. Siddharth Shukla, Shehnaaz Gill (Sana), Asim was her team members. During this time, Arti performed very well but, was quite criticized by the audience that she is fake or tends to play under Siddharth Shukla.

Salman also mentioned the same in Weekend ka Vaar that Arti has to play openly if she wanted to win this show.
Arti Singh took this statement very seriously and can be seen trying to change her gaming strategy inside the house. She has left Siddharth’s team and clearly confined him that from now, she will be playing individual. The fans of Arti like this Dabanng attitude of hers. Arti also cried ones in the house, when Rashami, Devoleena and some other members of the house came up for lending sympathy to her.

This step of her to play a fair and individual game is being pretty liked by the audience and she has become trending on Instagram.

There are more than 8,868 tweets on Twitter with the name of #ArtiSingh.

Arti Singh had earlier also got a tag of confused Arti along with several criticism shared by the public.

A viewer even commented that, “Ek minute Rashami ke kandhon pe SAR Rathke roti hai ‘Shukla Ji treating me like doormat’. Next minute doormat khud udke Shukla key pass pahunch jati hai.”

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