Astrologer Mentions a Big Change in Paras’s love life. Find out more!

Astrologer Prem Jyotish was seen entering the Bigg Boss 13 house as a part of the new year 2020 jyotish plans revelations for the contestants. During the latest promo release shared by the channel, Prem Jyotish was seen interacting with all the contestants. He talked to the contestants over their careers, relationships and even love life. He told Paras that his love relationship is soon going to see a huge change. He then signed to Mahira Sharma mentioning that the month of March is going to be turning point in her career.

He further added that she has always been dependent on someone in the game due to her emotional vulnerability. He further extended his views over Arti saying that she can expect her marriage in the coming year, but she shouldn’t anyhow delay else it won’t take place for the next two years. He even talked about the cruciality of the coming year for her.

Extending few important suggestions for Shehnaaz, he mentioned a big change in Shehnaaz’s personal life and even suggested her to take her current relationship a bit seriously. Talking to Rashami, he advised her not to let her relationship impact her career and suggested not to hurry for commitment in her current relationship as it may go against her.

On account of Madhurima and Vishal’s complicated relationship, he stated her that she herself didn’t wish to settle in life, to which Madhurima agreed. Asim’s career would see new heights but, he suggested him to watch his words as it led to being misjudged for him.

Lastly, he even extended his note over Sidharth Shukla telling him that he has always been cheated in case of trust and emotional issues.

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