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Automated mask, sanitizer vending machines installed at Nagpur Station

Nagpur: The continuous hike in the Covid-19 cases has taken the country’s tally past 4 million with 83,341 fresh infections and 1096 deaths in the past few hours. The total deaths due to this deadly virus is now 69,561.

Maharashtra alone recorded 19,218 cases on Friday taking the tally to 863,062. With 378 fresh deaths, the total number of patients who lost their lives battling coronavirus now stand at 25,964.

It is a very well known fact that coronavirus is highly communicable and the chances of contacting this virus is highest in public places like schools, bus stops, religious functions or train stations. In a step to cut the rate of coronavirus transmission among the passengers and keeping in mind their safety, the Central Railway has installed two automated vending machines at Nagpur Station.

Automated mask, sanitizer vending machines installed at Nagpur Stn
Automated mask, sanitizer vending machines installed at Nagpur Stn

These machines will dispense personal care products like hand sanitizers, soaps, body lotions, face masks, talcum powder etc to passengers after inserting a certain amount of money. To purchase face masks and hand sanitizer from the machine, one is required to have a confirmed railway ticket.

However, these machines will only accept currency notes and not any other money options like coins, debit cards, credit cards, net banking, etc. The vending machines were inaugurated on Friday in the presence of Senior Divisional Commercial Manager Krushnath Patil, Assistant Divisional Commercial Manager Vijay Thool, Commercial Inspector Taraprasad Acharya and other officials.

In a step to curb the infection rate, unnecessary traveling is prohibited.

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