Backagaindancer Manish Sharma reveals that this type of art aids in the release of tension

Many of the people we work with struggle with stress. We witness individuals feeling overwhelmed time and time again as a result of the demands they experience in modern life.

Stress is unavoidable, yet it is a necessary part of life. It is a mental or emotional condition that occurs as a result of tough or demanding situations. While everyone experiences stress, what causes it differs from one individual to the next. While one person may feel pleasure in something, another may find it stressful.

Manish Sharma
Manish Sharma

While we researched we came through this form of art which immensely helped to relieve stress and tension at a great extent. Dancing entails a lot more than just tapping your toes to the beat and swinging your hips to the music. Waving your hands and swaying your hips aren’t enough. Dancing allows you to express yourself to others as well as to yourself.

We today discuss the same with a dancer and understand his perspective and how dance relieves stress. He is a freestyle popping dancer, Backagaindancer HomeEntertainment & Pop CultureDance on YouTube. He shares with us”With each step you make while “dancing it out,” you are releasing not just your frustrations and rage, but also your stress and anxiety.”

The rational explanation for why dancing lowers stress is based on the notion that when we feel well physically, we feel good mentally as well. Dancing, as any form of activity, stimulates the release of endorphins  often known as happy hormones, which help to relieve stress and make us feel peaceful, cheerful, and hopeful.

It even allows people to express themselves via music, dance, and even costumes. Adding to it can induce a meditative flow state, which is a soothing feeling. A flow state is a mental state in which a person is completely engrossed in a task. A person must generally be engaged in an activity that they love and are at least somewhat familiar with in order to be in a flow state.

Manish concludes by saying,” in order to truly enjoy a dancing session, you must totally engage yourself in it, which requires you to disengage from stresses on your phone. Business calls, texts and emails, and some types of web information can get grating after a while. As a result, it’s beneficial to take a break from these annoyances now and then. It’s good to be totally immersed in a dancing session since it allows you to disconnect from your smartphone and other electronics for another few minutes or hours.”

He was kind enough to share something with us. Dancing brings me joy and relaxation, therefore I like doing it. I used to compete in dancing competitions at my school and even won a few. Since I was a youngster, I’ve had a passion for dance. When I began tapping my feet to the beats of a dance routine, my parents were aware of my talent to dance. I turn on music and dance to express my feelings, even when I’m depressed.

Mr. Sharma is from Haryana’s Gurugram. This Haryana native began his professional career when he was 18 years old, although he had a passion for dancing since he was a youngster. Without practising his sets, his day is incomplete.

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