Bigg Boss 13 House Planning Wildcard Entries in the Show

Bigg Boss is the most controversial and most popular show in India as well as in many other countries also. Now the situation of Bigg Boss 13 is really very critical about the contestants. The officials of Bigg Boss are trying to evict contestants because of their rude attitude and lack of discipline in the house.

This season of Bigg Boss is different from the past seasons because in this season the sponsors of Bigg Boss and the producer of Bigg Boss are planning a pre-finale for all the contestants. In that way, all the contestants are want to be on the screen all the time to get popularity towards the public. Suddenly Abu Malik was evicted from Bigg Boss house and this is an twisted eviction from all the contestants of the house.

If we talk about the wild card entries the names comes from the officials are-

Kesari Lal Yadav

Kesari Lal Yadav is a Bhojpuri superstar. He wanted to join the show in the starting but because of his schedule, he didn’t take this decision but now the official of Bigg Boss announces that Kesari can become the wild card entry.

Arhaan Khan

The second name about the wild card entry is Arhaan Khan. the news about arhaanKhan is coming that arhaan Khan and Rashmi Desai were in a relationship. When the media ask the question from Rashmi she answered that this statement was totally rubbish.

Tahseen Poonawala

If we going to the third wild card entry then it will become the name of an entrepreneur named Tahseen Poonawala.

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