Bigg Boss 13: Krushna Abhishek Upset, But Kashmera Shah Takes Siddharth Dey’s Side on Fight with Arti Singh

Big Boss season 13 now becomes the most popular show on television this season. Inside the house, the contestants can been seen delivering a lot of drama, fighting over and creating several issues at the same time. There have been many issues for fighting in this house. In the house, there has been a lot of drama that has been pretty liked by the audiences.

Recently, two contestants Arti Singh and Siddharth Dey were seen fighting inside the house while performing a task. They were involved in a heated argument. Dey started this conversation and became angry with Arti. Dey passed decorators’ remarks on Arti. This episode is not aired yet on TV. In this argument, none of the girls gave their support to Arti which encouraged Sid towards being more rude in the entire incident.

Krushna’s reaction on this issue has been seriously fierce as he was simply not okay with the way her sister was getting treated inside the house. Apart from this even the Twitter reactions over the incident had been in favour of Arti and not to forget her close friend Siddharth Shukla who took stand for her.

On this issue, Krishna Abhishek also gives a very rude reaction. He also confirms that Arti is like his sister. While talking in an interview on a major media platform, Krushna seemed shocked about the decorator’s arguments of Siddharth Dey. He also confirmed that he wanted to visit the Bigg Boss house. Krushna also told the media that he will confront him about what he did with Arti. Arti’s sister in Law Kashmera who was also an earlier contestant in Bigg Boss season 8 was quite upset with Sidharth’s reaction.

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