Bigg Boss 14 Update: Jaan Accused Of Unreasonably Supporting And Encouraging Nikki Tamboli

Since the very beginning, Nikki Tamboli has successfully caused chaos in the house by her antics. In the last episode, Kumar Sanu’s son Jaan was accused of encouraging Nikki’s lack of decorum by Shehzad and some other members of the house. Jaan has often been spotted with Nikki, listening to her rant about the situations of the house, when everyone is clearly infuriated by her indecency. She seems to take Jaan completely on her side as an ally against the house members. Jaan is seen trying to be unbiased and sensible, but fails to accurately exhibit that. He faces a tiff with Shehzad when he calls him out for being wrong in supporting Nikki. Jaan is also put on the spot by people saying how Nikki is infiltrating his actions and opinions.

Bigg Boss 14 Nikki Tamboli And Jaan

Jaan defends himself and asks Nikki to keep quiet if anyone passes by when they are talking. Shehzad also takes out a little moment to talk sense into Jaan, which comes as a shock to him as Shehzad was the last person he thought would do this. Nikki also indulges in a quarrel with Rubina when she finds out Rubina had done her share of chopping vegetables but not cleared the table. Rubina calls Nikki ‘unthankful’ and says she might need some sensibility which she can only attain after getting married. Abhinav also backs Rubina up, which is cute. Nikki and Jaan seem to share a great bond but with the leading circumstances and accusations that are faced by Jaan, he might soon have to take a side and stand for himself. However, with Siddharth backing up Nikki, the connection might turn out to be fruitful for Jaan in the days that follow.

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