Bigg Boss 14 Update: The Contestants Go Wild Over Immunity Task, Pour Toilet Cleaner On Abhinav Shukla

In the latest episode, the contestants were informed about their immunity task. The housemates had to fight with the then immune contestants, Nikki and Abhinav. The task was to make the two of them get up from the scoop of a bulldozer by using tips and tricks, but no physical force. Abhinav asked Rubina in private to keep a check on who is doing what and what methods the people resort to, in order to make him stand. The housemates seem to unleash their inner beast when the task started. Pavitra is caught manhandling Nikki and using force on her despite being warned against it. Abhinav deals with people spraying on his face and pouring toilet cleaner and detergent water on him. Gauhar seems to empathize with the two and keeps taking charge of keeping things under control.

Bigg boss 14: abhinav immunity task

Siddharth and Hina oppose. When matters start to get a little out of hands, Bigg Boss orders to not use any sort of spray directly on the face. Gauhar is beyond shocked to see the atrocities and fetches them water. She reinforces the fact that she can help if she wants to. Siddharth stays adamant on not providing with any assistance and reiterates how the contestants can get off the scoop if they have difficulty in sustaining. Rubina is tremendously concerned and horrified by the sight of the inhuman behavior imparted by the desperate housemates to win immunity. Pavitra successfully removes and replaces Nikki. What follows and who replaces who will be continued in the next episode. But one thing is for sure, they’re getting down for dirty. The task will truly bring out how desperate these contestants are to win immunity and how far they can go for it.

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