Bigg Boss 14 Update: Rubina Dilaik Risks The Luxury Items Of All The Contestants By Waging Battle Against The Seniors

In the latest episode of Bigg Boss season 14 that aired on 10th October, we witness an interesting emotional roller coaster that the Rubina and Abhinav go through. Starting on a little tiff with senior Siddharth Shukla regarding the sleeping arrangements, to locking horns with all the three seniors, the couple seems to put their convenience and stay in danger. Rubina questioned the discretion of Hina Khan by calling out the rules mentioned regarding the luxury items, to be incoherent. What started with the intention of providing the housemates with more items, ended up in Hina Khan furthermore convolution and complicating the rules.

Bigg Boss 14 episode 6 update: Rubina
Rubina Dilaik Bigg boss 14

As a result, now, a pair of shoes will be counted as two individual items, rather than one. The entire house turned against Dilaik and held her accountable for the aftermath. She put herself in more trouble by saying Gauhar Khan intentionally plotted the entire scenario to sham her in front of the other housemates. However, the husband seemed to be by her side and speaking for the wife on multiple occasions. The incident pissed of the seniors and the housemates. As an act of apology, Rubina gave up her 7 items for the week, to which Eijaz still seemed infuriated and bashed Rubina for being insensible. With already being in trouble since the beginning, it will be interesting to see how Rubina survives in the game. Especially when she has successfully managed to sabotage the moods of all the seniors and the housemates. Nikki Tamboli on the other hand seems to take advantage of the situation and tries to direct the revulsion against her towards Rubina.

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