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MS Dhoni’s daughter kept under tight security after receiving rape threats

Indian cricketer and CSK captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s daughter Ziva has been kept under tight security in his farmhouse in Ranchi. After Chennai Super Kings faced a backlash from Kolkata Knight Riders, some of the disappointed fans took the matter up to the socials of Dhoni and Sakshi. There were comments left on the couple’s pictures threatening Ziva, their five-year-old. The comments were disturbing and inhuman, directing towards the violent and outrageous intentions of raping her. However, it did not take long for the people to react to this atrocity online. The audacity of the user is seemingly frightening and thought-provoking. The people are shocked by how easy it has become for an individual to post a comment about a five-year-old and his intentions of raping her, merely on the basis of his beloved team not performing up to the mark.

MS Dhoni and Ziva
MS Dhoni and Ziva

With Mahi in the United Arab Emirates, the security around his Ranchi farmhouse has been amplified. The policemen have also been deployed to patrol in the surroundings, in civil attire, to keep a check on any suspicious activities that might take place. On the other hand, the cyber cell unit of the police is going through with their investigation to track down the accounts of the users that posted appalling comments on the social media handles of Dhoni and Sakshi. The people on the internet heartily expressed their resentment towards this repulsive act by sharing posts, tweets and stories on their profiles. The sorrow of Mahendra Singh Dhoni at the unfortunate event must be beyond measurable. This also reflects upon our society and brings out how insanely comfortable a man is, threatening women of any age, caste or creed. Nagma Morarji took to Twitter to express her disgust by saying, “Where are we headed as a Nation? It’s disgusting Dhoni’s 5-Year-Old Daughter Ziva is Getting Rape Threats after CSK Lost IPL Match to KKR. Mr #PM what is this happening In our country??”

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