Bigg Boss 13: Shehnaz Played Red Chilli Pour Over Siddhartha Dey After Being Called as ‘do kaudi ki ladki’

With each passing day inside the Bigg Boss house, the chances of survival is getting really difficult. As viewers and contestants of BB13 are eagerly waiting for the weekend vote out, Bigg Boss threw a new twist.

As per an earlier released teaser shared by the channel itself, all the four boys were getting a chance to secure their nomination for eviction through performing a task where the girls of the BB house would play an important role.

In the new promo, Paras Chhabra could be seen reading out the task letter wherein the four nominated boys Siddhartha Dey- Paras Chhabra and Asim Riaz-Abu Malik were divided into two teams, respectively. Holding hands, they had to sit across a wall while the girls one by one were free to torture the boys, making them leave hands. In the due course whichever team managed to hold hands and sit for a longer time was safe.

As the task began, girls got a chance to break loose and put out all of their frustrations. The girls targeted the boys with shaving foam, talcum, chilli powder and turmeric powder. Shehnaz attacked Siddhartha Dey, applying chilli powder on his face as he revolted against it. He lost his cool on Shehnaz and called her ‘do kaudi ki ladki’. This made Shehnaz very angry as she shouts at him on the top of her voice and asked him how dare he abused her.

Asim, who has often been targeted for giving up easily in the task, swore to give his best shot. Despite facing a number of painful challenges, his eyes started burning because of the chilli powder but, he still continued with the task. He even requested Abu Malik to not leave his hand even if he faints. Abu Malik broke down seeing Asim’s condition.

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