Bigg Boss 14 update: Pavitra smears garbage on her forehead

In the last episode of Bigg Boss, the contestants were not subtle in expressing their angst against Nikki being biased. Time and again Tamboli made comments that showed how she was completely in favour of Team B and regardless of whatever happens, she was going to declare them the winners of the immunity task “mere angane mein tumhara kya kaam hai”. Team A was relatively pissed. Despite knowing this, they still performed and sweated out in the task. There were also several fights among inter-team and intra-team.

Pavitra Punia and Eijaz khan

Nikki had said “main aapko hi jeetaungi” (I will declare you the winner) and “humare taraf” (from this team’s side) about Team B. Jasmin was visibly upset. Pavitra said they were just “cribbing”. During the task, we saw Nikki helping team B by sabotaging Team A’s farm, guarding raw materials for Team B and making unfair rules. The members urged Bigg Boss to consider the unjust behaviour shown by Nikki towards their team. Meanwhile, Rubina came up with a master plan of sabotaging Team A’s farm by spilling the remains of garbage from the dustbin on to their farm. This way it would not be left looking pretty and will just turn into trash. Everyone in the team grasped the idea.

When the task was finished, Rubina spilt the garbage container into Team B’s farm. However, Nikki still declared Team B winners. She justified her decision by saying “keechad mein hi kamal khilte hain” (lotus grows in silt). Team A said they were proud to be nominated with dignity. Team B just asserted how the won because of their hard work. Pavitra, in retaliation, went back to the farm and smeared the remains of garbage on her forehead. She inferred how what Rubina called trash was something respectful and edible at a time. She went on to hug everyone in the house. Team B celebrated their victory and everyone congratulated the members.

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