Bigg Boss 13: Mahira targets Siddharth, Salman asks why?

Popping out of a recent episode of Bigg Boss 13, Salman Khan exceedingly did reprimand all the contestants on the show. The episode proceeded as Salman asked how Rashami and Devoleena felt coming back into the house?

Salman informed contestants over the ‘Paap Ki Potli’ task and demanded all the contestants to remark that one contestant who well deserved the Paap Ki Potli. On this account, Arti chooses Mahira for refusing to perform a task while, Himanshi also chooses Mahira, however, Devoleena, Arhan, and Rashami opt for Siddharth Shukla. Shehnaaz additionally voted against Mahira and the team was upset as Mahira had to face a chunk of box baggage along with her.

Another remarkable comment comes from Salman about Mahira mentioning that that the audiences are comparing her with Dolly Bindra.

Later scolding Paras, Salman mentions that Siddharth didn’t injure his finger, still he picked his name. Being in the hit list of all the contestants, Salman asks Shukla to take a seat on the evil chair and also strictly mentions him of not being aggressive during tasks performances as it’d injure anybody. Mahira gets loud over another concerned discussion about her and Shukla. To which, Salman asks her not to be loud and present her part, peacefully rather than blaming Shukla for everything.

Salman supports Shukla while, Mahira keeps on saying that Shukla pushed her throughout the task and she got hurt, badly. When Mahira kept repeatedly blaming Shukla, Salman asked her as to why did not, she leave the sack. Paras supported Mahira on Shukla pushing her and blamed Shukla for pushing her.

On the contrary, Shukla said that Paras pushed him and he pushed him back while, Paras mentions about Shukla’s aggressive acts throughout every task.

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