Bigg Boss 15: Guests slams contestants

Kamya Punjabi slams Ishaan Sehgal and Miesha Iyer

Kamya Panjabi pummels Meisha, Ieshaan’s sentiment on Bigg Boss 15Kamya Panjabi hammers Meisha, Ieshaan’s sentiments. Kamya Panjabi went into Bigg Boss 15 house around evening time (November 01)She dropped truth bombs on competitors like Meisha Iyer and Ishaan SehgaalIeshaan flew off the handle at Kamya and shielded his bond with Meisha.

In the most recent section of Bigg Boss 15, trump card passage Rajiv Adatia had terrible aftermath with Ishaan Sehgal. In discussion with Miesha Iyer, Ieshaan’s better half, Rajiv asked the entertainer and model to not make the’s actor extremely upset at all times. Around the same time, Rajiv separated and began missing his mom in the BB15 house. His enthusiastic roll liner stood out as truly newsworthy instantly and to discuss something very similar, Kamya Panjabi entered the questionable unscripted TV drama.

Kamya, close by Devoleena Bhattacharjee, went to the show to drop some reality bombs on the candidates. Directly from lashing at Shamita Shetty to encouraging Rajiv to be solid, Devoleena and Kamya did everything. In any case, one thing that got a large portion of the consideration was Kamya hammering Miesha Iyer and Ishaan Sehgal while likewise talking with Rajiv Adatia. Kamya asserted that Meisha and Ishaan ought to say thanks to Rajiv because he’s the motivation behind why the two are at last noticeable on the show.

The TV entertainer shared that if not for Rajiv, Miesha and Ishaan would have made the news just for their sentiment. She rammed at the new couple for doing “pappi (kisses)” and “jhappi (embraces)” in the corners consistently. This didn’t agree with Ieshaan who began to contend with Kamya and said: “Aap bol rahe hai kone me pappi jhappi Karte hai, I disliking it, I am so grieved”

The forthcoming scene of Bigg Boss 15 will see visitors like Kamya Punjabi, Devoleena Bhattacharjee, Gautam Gulati, and Rashami Desai entering the show to give candidates a rude awakening. This evening, we presented to you a promotion that saw them focusing on contenders like Shamita Shetty, Vishal Kotain, Nishant Bhatt among others. Some time back, the producers of Bigg Boss 15 shared a new promotion via online media and it sees Kamya Punjabi terminating Miesha and Ishaan severely.

The promotion of the forthcoming scene opens with Kamya Punjabi letting Rajiv Adatia know that he cries each day. Answering to which Rajiv tells her, he gets passionate. He has come into the game show and he was telling something to his companions. Kamya then, at that point, fires Ieshaan Sehgal and Miesha Iyer saying, “Jo log bilkul Nazar Nahi Sarah the naa woh abdominal muscle itna zayda nazar aarahe hain. You should say thank you to him.” She then, at that point, takes a significant agreement at Mieshaan and says, “Warna to kisi Kone Mein pappi-jhappi Karte greetings Nazar aarahe the.” She proceeds to hammer Ieshaan for doing sweetheart Miesha’s Assassination.

Kamya tells Ishaan, “Agar aap kehte ho, aap usse pyaar karte ho, toh aapne Miesha se kaha, “Don’t include me in your young men”, wahan toh aapne uska character hello Gira Diya.” Answering Kamya’s allegations, Ishaan says that he had said that to her flippantly. However, when he says, “wo jaanti hai. Mujhe janta ki nahi padi hai,” Kamya blows up and says, “Yehi Janta aapko vote karegi.”

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