Breaking the barrier of age, Meet Lakshay Jain: The Founder and CEO of Mevrex.

Life is full of opportunities and hurdles, it totally depends on the efforts and hunger for success one has! Ideas always give fruitful outcomes, followed by hard work brings success. It’s very truly said, “Age is just a number” and Lakshay Jain brings light to the saying with his work. Lakshay Jain started his journey at the age of 7 years and today is one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the world.

Lakshay Jain is the youngest entrepreneur and developer. Born on 30 January 2004, 16 years old, Lakshay Jain has already gained experience of more than 8 years in his industry and currently is the Founder and CEO of Mevrex.

Age is no bar for ambitious and determined people
Lakshay Jain being a creative kid had a determined interest in technology which made him keener in exploring web programming. Currently, Lakshay Jain is completing his schooling in Chandigarh at Gurukul Global School. Whilst participating in numerous programming competitions in his earlier years, Lakshay Jain made his way out to own his agency “Mevrex” providing Development, Marketing, and Consultation services.

Title of ‘The Youngest Web/App Developer In The World’
Normally at this age when teenagers are busy with enjoying life with friends, deciding their career and goals for life, Lakshay Jain with his remarkable journey has gained the title of ‘The Youngest Web/App Developer In The World’ with over 100 published projects and owning a startup “Mevrex”. Lakshay Jain is a highly skilled Programmer, Graphic Designer, Editor, Sportsmen, Speaker that too at the age of 16. Inspired by his mother and passion for introducing something unique in the web development industry, Lakshay Jain made his success an inspirational move for every teenager.

Self-made Entrepreneur
Unlike teenagers, Lakshay Jain is a goal-oriented and very sincere person who cleared even the hurdles the middle-class faced for starting their own business. Lakshay Jain made himself financially independent at a very young age recognizing his responsibilities towards his own and his career. To a great surprise, Mevrex is solely the result of the sincere efforts of Lakshay Jain, he has not taken any financial help from his parents in establishing and taking Mevrex to a successful stage.

Sky-high goal
Lakshay Jain has also brought light to his sky-high goals by mentioning his upcoming projects in the world of the internet. Lakshay Jain has provided services to a number of clients and has also been rewarded with five remarkable awards. Even in this pandemic time where everyone was losing hope, Lakshay Jain emerged with his own startup Mevrex through which he intends to provide a platform for those who want to turn their ideas into reality.

The great mind of Lakshay Jain and his thriving to be the top entrepreneur world has given birth to successful and mesmerizing start-ups, making his space amongst the top young entrepreneurs of India. Lakshay Jain has crafted himself to be a source of inspiration for today’s teenagers.

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