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Cement Road from Talki to Godhani Witnessing Cracks

In the ongoing work of Cement Road in Godhni area, the one side road on the left if we head from Zingabai Talki to Godhni, what we come across is the road with too many flaws. Even the construction is yet to complete on both the sides, the roads going to Godhni has witnessed cracks on it. This has therefore raised a question mark on the quality of the road all thanks to the poor and improper work being carried out by the City’s PWD Department. Activists and local media have time and again tried to draw the attention of PWD officials towards it but all in vain.

The total construction of roads from Talki to Godhni is around 5.6 km and one can see too many cracks appearing on most of the portions of the road. The cement road construction project was initiated by the Union Transport Minister, Mr. Nitin Gadkari which was kicked off by the previous government ruled by the BJP headed by Mr. Devendra Fadnavis. Unfortunately, with the haste work, the work so far appearing before the people seems of low quality.

The project was announced in 2016 and it was given to Abhi Engineering, which progressed at a low speed and with low quality as well. The experts feel that if these cracks are not attended immediately these are likely to turn bad to worse and thus giving nothing much to the local residents. They also claimed that the contractors are not following the norms given to them thus working with inferior quality work and labor that has brought these issues.

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