CEO of Recruitment Mantra, Arghya Sarkar’s Success Story of a Management Dropout to Successful Entrepreneur

Today, there are so many people with perfect skills and degrees but are unemployed. It has become difficult for people to connect with employers or find jobs that are really suitable for them. However, Recruitment Mantra has made the entire process easy and worth it for you. You do not have to worry anymore about how and where to find jobs.

Recruitment Mantra
Recruitment Mantra

Recruitment Mantra is a staff and recruiting agency that helps entrepreneurs hire people suitable for their businesses without spending too much money, time, and energy hiring the ideal employees. The company has launched a scheme that helps employers find and hire employees adhering to their company requirements. Unlike other campaigns and schemes, the employees do not have to spend a cost to search for jobs, and the employers have to spend money as little as only Rs. 999. This whole operation will take place in Recruitment Mantra’s own portal, that is, The process is easy. All that the job seekers have to do is to upload their CVs to the web portal. Then, search for jobs according to their qualifications in their preferred niches. The employers can post as many job offers they want while spending only Rs. 999 for a year. Whenever a job seeker applies for a job, the employer will get a notification. They can, then, get in contact with each other for further discussions or interviews.

Mr. Arghya Sarkar is the CEO of the company. He started his career at the early age of eighteen. He is experienced and expert in multiple fields such as recruiting, HR and Image consultation, and Brand Management. His ideas and services have contributed immensely to the growth of Recruitment Mantra. He understands the importance of Digital Space and is constantly coming with new schemes that use technology to help employers and employees. He is successful, talented, and ambitious. He started his journey with lots of discouragements and struggles. However, his persistent nature and hard work have helped him come a long way. Recruitment Mantra is a new age business-friendly company that solely focuses on how to decrease the problems faced by the businesses hiring people and provide an opportunity for the job seekers. They want to make the whole hiring process easy and convenient for both parties.

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