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Police helped elderly Washim couple lost in the city to go back home

An elderly couple from Washim, were lost inside the city after they landed here last week to look for their son.

Nagpur: An elderly couple from Washim, were lost inside the city after they landed here last week to look for their son. And then the police officers rescue the elderly couple who have helped them on their way back home.

Police helped elderly

Wife Tarabai (70) and her husband Namdev Hatkar, 75, were found by alert people near Laxmi Nagar Chowk in the last week. And then they informed the regional DCP Noorul Hasan. And then in return, he has asked the senior inspector of Bajaj Nagar police station. Named Shubhangi Deshmukh to investigate the matter.

For the first time a policeman patrolling on a bike met the two elders and the policeman asked them to accompany him to the police station. And then both husband and wife politely refused the policeman, probably out of fear of police action. And then Senior PI Shubhangi went to meet both and convince them both husband and wife to take help of police and to avoid further trouble inside the city as both the couple were totally clueless about making the return journey.

Shubhangi said that the couple had completely lost hope of meeting their son after both of them got lost inside the city. Both husband and wife did not even have any money.

Provided them food and water

The couple knew that their son worked inside Hingna. And told that the couple did not have any kind of address or cellphone number of the couple’s son to contact their son. After a brief search, the two had lost hope of their son and the couple wandered aimlessly.

Shubhangi has also said that a team of police personnel helped both of them. To rest and provided water and food to the couple. Both husband and wife were taken inside the railway station but no train was scheduled in the evening. So the couple was taken to Ganeshpeth bus stop to be sent back home.

Head constable Badkal told that the luck of both was not good as the last bus of that time had also left. A police team from Bajaj Nagar took care of both of them and provided refreshments. Both of us were preparing the arrangements for the night shelter and dinner for the husband and wife. At that time another person from Washim had also come to the bus stop at that time. They both knew the person as the person was from their village.

A head constable of the Bajaj Nagar police station has also said that. The person had also fully agreed to take care of the couple. And the couple had agreed to stay with that person and take the bus to Washim in the morning.

We left only after handing over some food, water and some cash to the couple. We had also made them sure that the bus service attendants would also help the couple well.

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