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Change in weather, fluctuating temperature brings flu-like illnesses

In general practitioners, patients with a sore throat, fever, and cold symptoms are now being seen very much.

Nagpur: Change in weather and sudden rise in temperature, which is not at all normal in the month of November, has become common in the city like flu, cold, and cough in the last two weeks.

change in weather

In general practitioners, patients with a sore throat, fever, and cold symptoms are now being seen very much. And these symptoms are very similar to coronavirus. And these include many people who have taken both doses of the covid vaccine. According to experts, cold and seasonal cough are common. And it should not be misunderstood as coronavirus at all. And yet, going for the coronavirus test is by no means a bad idea.

Dr. Pragati Kamble has said that patients of all these age groups are suffering from cold, sneezing, cough, fever, and sore throat, etc. Coming now with diseases like And we ask all those patients first about their coronavirus vaccination status. And if the same symptoms persist even after the usual medication. Then I suggest many of them, patients, get tested for coronavirus.

“All patients speak for generic medicine and treatment. And most of those patients believe that 1 or 2 doses of the covid vaccine have given them complete protection from infection. Secondly, in Nagpur district even at present, home isolation is not allowed at all. Because of this people don’t want to spend days in the hospital at all.” Dr. Vishal Joshi said.

Hundreds of people developing these symptoms

Experts have stated that the covid vaccine provides almost 100% protection against dangerous diseases and hospitalization as well as the need for oxygen. But this is not at all a guarantee of protection against infection. “Since the last 1 week, many around 5-10 patients are being traced daily in this district. And this now means that at least 50 people are getting infected. Since those people have the protection of the covid vaccine. And they may not be developing these symptoms at all or they may be experiencing very few symptoms now,” said a senior member of the coronavirus task force.

According to infectious disease specialist Dr. Nitin Shinde, non-Covid diseases like cough, fever, and cold, which are being experienced by many people these days, are also very contagious. He has also said that a lot of people are developing all of these symptoms every day. This is happening everywhere. If your doctor suggests this, then there is nothing wrong with getting the test done.

Doctors have said that if any person’s test covid negative then it is a win-win situation. In the case of a positive test of covid even in spite of covid vaccination, symptomatic treatment will cure most of the patients completely now. And with this, 1 official of the Health Department has also said that he is now trying his level best to ensure contact tracing and random testing in Nagpur district. But still, the number of its trials is very less.

“In the month of July-August, If all the people come forward to test it like they used to do earlier. Then it will actually reduce the covid test positivity rate very much. We can easily trace many asymptomatic cases too,” he said.

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