Checkout The Ugly Game-Plan Of Paras To Win Big Boss 13

Big Boss 13 has some couple who make the headlines in the news, time and again. Of these, Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharma are the most talked about! While some feel their relationship is true; some others think that they aren’t true and everything is just a game-plan of Paras. Asim Riaz, another contestant of the Big Boss 13 House is one of those people who think that Paras is with Mahira to win the game.

The two of them, Paras and Mahira have been spotted several times saying that they are just good friends. Their relationship is a hot-topic for most of the people in and out of the Big Boss 13 House. In the recent episode, Asim is seen discussing the relationship of Paras and Mahira with Rashami Desai. He further brings this point to Rashami’s notice that Paras and Mahira are just pretending to be good friends. Asim feels that they are being fake and all this is just a game-plan of Paras to win the game. Also, Mahira is being used by him under this game-plan itself. Everyone in the house knows that Paras has a girlfriend and Mahira too has a partner outside the house.

Asim, Rashami, and Vishal are later seen discussing the nominations. Asim feels that Paras and Arti should be targeted. Mahira and Sidharth are also seen discussing the attitude of Shehnaaz which is hurting a lot of people around her. Mahira also stated to Salman that Shehnaaz isn’t loyal to anybody. Let’s see whether Paras succeeds in winning the game with his game-plan or not!

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