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City Cyber Cell Launches Initiative #BreakFakeChain against Misinformation

In the recent age of Fake News, it has become very easy to spread fake news and fake information among the masses. All thanks to the advent and popularity of social media, which seems to have added fuel to the spread of fake news. In the outbreak of COVID 19, the city seems to be on a 21 days lockdown after the appeal of Prime Minister Modi. People today are busier on their cell phones and social media.

They keep on sending and forwarding messages without checking and verifying in different groups. Most of this news and information coming to them remain fake and no one cares to check the same. This leads to the spread of fake news in the city. The classic example was the telephonic conversation between two people discussing talking about the grim situation in Nagpur stating that the city has the maximum number of cases in the state. However, soon it proved to be fake and the people behind sending the audio were arrested by the cyber cell.

To stop the flow of fake news, the cyber cell of Nagpur police has launched a campaign called #BreakFakeChain against the spread of Misinformation in the city. They have warned all the admin of different WhatsApp groups active in the city to avoid sending fake messages. It states the following message that says to avoid sending the “forwarded” message without verifying and ask the sender for source/proof.

The campaign says that One wrong “forwarded” can kill someone. Many false messages are created to spread fear, hatred, don’t be a part. The cyber cell has asked to join their call forward this message and image to all

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