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City Gets Janta Curfew Days, Good Response so Far

The city declared two days of Janta Curfew on 24th and 25th of July. Considering the number of hikes in the city for the COVID 19, the NMC along with other officials of the city decided to take a two days Janta Curfew. So far on the first day, the city has given a good response to the same as all the offices and shops for the non-essential stuff have remained closed. All the marketplace in the city seemed deserted and so were the cases of the roads in all the major areas of Nagpur. 

This was done on the backdrop of the rapid increase of the number of cases for the COVID 19. The NMC chief and the city mayor were seen taking a round earlier in the city visiting the busy market areas in order to check how people have been following the guidelines like mask and social distancing. Despite reitratrating most of the people in the city were seen violating the norms. This is perhaps one of the key reasons why the virus has been spread so fast in the city. 

Currently, the figure has crossed 3000 mark a few days before taking things bad to worse for the virus. In order to check the effect of Janta Curfew, the mayor of the city – Mr. Sandip Joshi – was seen coming out and talking to the people. He was seen stopping the vehicles on road and checking with the reason behind coming out when the city admin has announced a two day janta curfew in the city. He talked about the importance of staying at home and staying safe. Stay tuned for more on this and others only with us.

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