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City Hospital – Arneja Heart hospital Carried first live complex heart surgery for Serbia Conference delegates

Since few decades, Nagpur has been known for offering quality healthcare services. Thanks to the state of the art hospitals and competitive surgeons who perform the various surgeries with greater precision and accuracy attracting global patients. The same goes with cardiac care as well as we can see Nagpur setting up a high benchmark in having one of the best hospitals giving high success rates.
Dr. Jaspal Arneja from the known heart hospital Arneja Hospital in Nagpur carried out a live cardiac surgery carried out at the operation theatre of the said hospital for the Serbian students and doctors. The surgeon carried out the surgery called the Left main Bifurcation Angioplasty- OCT guided for the delegates of an international conference called SINERGY 2019 (Serbian Conference in interventional Cardiology) held at Belgrade, Serbia.
He gave the live surgery to the delegates comprises of top surgeons and cardiac experts who were able to see live the skill sets of Nagpur based doctors in Arneja Hospital. While Dr. Arneja was carrying out the surgery, he was constantly consulted about the queries on it by the delegates, which he handled with care. The delegates witnessing the live surgery applauded the doctor for his incredible skill sets and the innovative techniques he used to carry out the surgery.

During the surgery, the surgeon used the technique called Optical Cohorence Tomography commonly known as OCT that remains the new and innovative area of cardiac care. Very few hospitals have the facility of carrying out this surgery and Nagpur is privileged to have one in Arneja.

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