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City Mayor – Sandeep Joshi Goes in Home Quarantine

Sandeep Joshi

It seems that the COVID 19 virus is not ready to leave anyone. It is making the target to everyone who seemed to have come in its way. The latest is the city mayor Mr. Sandip Joshi who is the victim of the fatal virus. He has been moving around the city for a few days taking a round of different market areas and thus coming in contact with many people in this pandemic time. As per the Nagpur Live report, the mayor has been moving around the different areas for the awareness campaign.

So, as a precautionary measurement, the mayor seems to have kept himself in-home quarantine for the next seven days. This move has come as a precaution from the mayor as he came in touch with few people who have been tested positive for the virus in the recent past. Although he was not reported with any symptom, he voluntarily has gone for self-isolation in his house meeting no one. 

With his tweet, he informed that he came in touch with few people and family members who have been reported positive for the virus. He informed that he is fine yet he is undergoing self-isolation for the coming week as a precaution as he was recommended by his doctor. He then asked the people who have come in touch with him to keep isolated in case they feel that they have been affected in some way. Stay tuned to know more about the mayor and others only with us.

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