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City NGO I-Clean Nagpur Turned active in Ramnagar Square for another beautification venture

The city-based NGO called I-Clean Nagpur has been active for a couple of years and is known for adding beauty to our city. This is a group of young and old people who hate garbage and similar other things and want to keep their city clean and tidy. They leave no stone unturned to give the right shape to their city with their beautification efforts in different parts of the city. They have painted dirty walls and similar things to make it beautiful.

This time they chose Ramnagar Square to clean the space filled with landfills, garbage and other things in the area so that they can make it fresh and beautiful. The team members joined hands and reached sharp early in the morning on 29th December, which remains the last Sunday of the year. Despite the tough weather and chilling winter morning and evening, the team members left no stone unturned to keep things in the right shape.

Catching them live on the said venue, the residents from Ramnagar also joined them and thus helped to keep the space clean and green. The distributed tea, snacks, fruits, and other eating stuff to the volunteers. Seeing the group active in the area, Mr. Sanjay Bangale, the local Corporator also visited the area and applauded the work. He also assured the group to keep the spot clean. Soon they got good public support that turned the perfect view in the Town. The I Clean Group has been active in city since so many years and have undertaken the beautification of areas like Civil Lines, and many more area.

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