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City Shiv Sena calls BJP Government Formation as surgical strike on State

Just when the BJP and Ajit Yadav came together to announce the government in haste declaring their majority in the assembly, it gave a shock to the Shiv Sena who was gearing up to form a government in the state seeking alliance from the NCP and the Congress. Many including the allies of the NDA like JD(U) and others also castigated the haste shown by the BJP to form the government.

It was surprising though to see the BJP taking the help of NCP’s Ajit Pawar to form the government when Fadnavis had categorically stated that he or his party would never never never take the help of NCP to form a government. Hence it would be fair to say, Never Say Never seems to have gone right in this case for Fadnavis and his party. Now, talking about the Shiv Sena, the state and the people in the city have called this act of the BJP of forming the government in haste as a surgical strike on the state itself.

Shiv Sena along with Congress have now knocked the doors of the Supreme Court seeking the instant Writ Petition under Article 32 of the Constitution calling the action of the governor of the state as arbitrary and malafide. The Shiv Sena has challenged the case in the Supreme Court to be heard today at 11.30 am. On the other side, Sharad Pawar seems to be raising his surprise calling it to be the personal decision of Ajit Pawar. Well, let’s see what goes the next?

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