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NMC Claims BVG and AG Enviro yet to become completely Functional

With the garbage collection and disposal still remains an issue in the city, we see the local units of Shiv Sena along with the local residents of different areas like Wardhaman Nagar and Lakadganj agitating over it. As the civic body put an end to the services of the previous agency called Kanak Resources Management Limited, it has given the task of the cleanliness of the city to new companies BVG and AG Enviro.

As per the sources, it is now compulsory for the local residents to classify the garbage into two different ways, keeping the rot and watered garbage at one place and the raw and waterless at the other end. However, the door to door collection of garbage though seems to be going smooth, yet we see issues in the disposal of the garbage. In many of the areas, the chosen bodies have started using unused areas and vacant land to dump the garbage allowing the agitation from the people.

Besides, there were other issues that have been noticed by the local residents complaining that the garbage collection bins reaching to them seems to be full. On the other side, the two companies taking up the charge for the same claim that they are short of vehicles and they are taking some time to settle down. Even the NMC claim the same stating that the two groups are yet to become completely functional. These groups claim that the workers of Kanak the erstwhile company is trying to malign the name of the new agencies for obvious reasons.

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