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Interim stay on externment order of Wardha Female

An additional interim stay has been put to the externment order by Nagpur Bench of Bombay High Court. The Bench was presided by Justice M J Jamadar and Justice S B Shukre. The externment order was passed under Sec 56 (1) (B) of Mumbai Police Act. It aimed at externing Seema Manoj Pala for one year, who is a resident of Wardha. The Sub Divisional Magistrate, Wardha issued the notice on 22nd June, 2019. The show cause notice was received by Seema Manoj Pala, the petitioner.

The petitioner was called in regard to the provisions of the show cause and why the externment order can’t be passed under Section 56 (1) (B) of Mumbai Police Act. It also clarified on why the petitioner should not be externed for the time period of two years in the districts of Nagpur, Chandrapur, Yavatmal and Amravati. Seema Manoj Pala has 34 crime cases in the records against her at Wardha Police Station, Wardha. It’s been reported that she had spread terror amongst the public and so, nobody dared to give any evidence against her.

An in camera statement was also given by two people, providing information on the illegal activities of Seema Manoj Pala. Seema Pala appeared before the Sub Divisional Magistrate on 22nd June, 2019 and gave a reply. Seema and her witnesses gave the statement which was recorded by the Sub Divisional Magistrate. Seema made it clear that she has been falsely implicated. She has not committed offences and she prayed for the externment proceedings to be dropped.

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