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City to Have Zero Shadow day on 26th May

Zero Shadow Day
Zero Shadow Day

The current days in May seem to be tough in the city as the mercury soared to 46.5 yesterday. It was a tough day, but the residents of Nagpur are taking it in a different way. Now, we hear that the rural and urban areas of the city have decided to have Zero Shadow Day, which will be commencing from today on 24th to 28th May. As per reports, this will be observed on the Zero Shadow days on different dates at different places.

The dates for the same have been declared from May 3 to 31st May and different districts in the state have conducted the same at different dates. In Nagpur, we will have the shadow day on 26th May sharp at 12.10, while the rural areas like Kamptee and Kalmeshwar would have the same at 12.10 and 12.11 respectively. The districts like Bhivapur and Umred are going to have this day on the same day as well with the same time slot.

The other areas joining for the said day include Butibori, Hingana, and Kuhi. As per reports, this day is celebrated twice a year and done when the day is exactly on our hearing. As per sources, the phenomenon occurs twice a year when we see the Sun coming exactly on our head. This is done only to catch the Zero shadow. The other areas in the city to celebrate this big day include Mauda, Ramtek, Parseoni and Katol to name a few. The day of celebration would be on 27th May for the said days.

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