Dilshad with his digital venture Being Malayali cater quality brand management solutions

Dilshad might be 21 years old but when it comes to digital marketing, no one can compete with him. He with his founded digital marketing company called Being Malyali can add wings to your brand making its presence felt over the web world. Thanks to his knack and professionalism he maintains on his workplace, he has led many brands and companies to prosper over the landscape of social media platforms and the World Wide Web in general.
He started his venture when he was barely 15. He was good on social media and realised that his father despite working long overseas in the Middle East had little to support when he returned to his home in Kerala. Without a penny’s support from his father and only his parents’ blessing, he endeavored the initiative called Being Malayali that used to remain a modest online platform to a strong budding community of Malayali community. Soon he embarked upon a formal company called Being Malayali and since then it was no looking back for this young man.
He is currently the CEO of the company and runs it with great professionalism with his competent team. He has helped many brands to prosper and now also has entered into capital investment wherein he helps the budding and inspiring entrepreneur with his investment allowing them to carve their niche in their chosen sector. With the power of social media, he can turn the table for businesses and companies who have been lagging in terms of exposure and trade. He calls Digital Marketing a mandatory marketing strategy to consider to sustain in this cut-throat competition. He still has to go long and this is his a modest start.

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