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Don’t break seal of my brothel: CSW to CP

The sex worker and his son have requested the CP Amitesh Kumar not to break the seal. His brothel was located on the cement road, close to the Chinteshwar temple

Nagpur: A 61-year-old women sex worker suffering from AIDS. She has urged Amitesh Kumar to extend the sealing of his brothel in Ganga Jamuna for another 2 years from this month. Deeply disturbed by the ‘unprecedented and unusual request’, he has also ordered an inquiry into the application.

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Having said that keeping his brothel open could lead to problems of order and law, criminal activities and also cause great inconvenience to the residents, The sex worker and his son have also requested the Amitesh Kumar not to break the seal. His brothel was located very close to the Chinteshwar temple on the cement road.

CP Amitesh Kumar started action on Ganga Jamuna last year and stopped sex work on August 11. Around eight brothels have been sealed. Had this been allowed, the 61-year-old’s brothel would have been the first to reopen.

In the month of March last year, Amitesh was legally confronted by a sex worker for not issuing the sealing order. He ordered it to be closed for about a year on the date of March 5.

Report of the investigating officer

The 61-year-old woman has also written that her illiterate son may find it very difficult to look after the property and criminal activities may also increase significantly.

Amitesh has also said that Section 18 of the Immoral Traffic Prevention Act (ITPA) gives full authority to the Commissioner of Police to issue the sealing order. including wholly modifying it, such as the extension of the period, If it justifies maintaining order and law and reducing crime.

Amitesh has said that the Zonal DCP has also been asked to ascertain the ground reality on this unusual application. They are waiting for the report of the investigating officer. According to the Act, sealing can also be ordered for about three years.

Amitesh Kumar has said that the applicant has also expressed apprehension that the premises may also be misused by unscrupulous elements.

Amitesh has once again appealed to the sex workers not to indulge in such activities at all.

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