Facebook Page ‘Viral Moments’ Takes On Entertainment Industry With A Bang

Watching funny videos on social media is the best way to make yourself happy. The moment one encounter a funny video on Facebook, they can’t help but watch it till the end. That’s why several content creators are working day and night to come up with something that would put a smile on a person’s face. However, several individual content creators are unable to reach out to the people, as they don’t know how to do it. That’s when Viral Moments come in the picture.

Viral Moments

A commodity of Royalclouds Webhosting Private Limited, ‘Viral Moments‘ acts as a bridge between content creators and the viewers. The company offers a platform for individual video-makers to shine, as it takes care of the distribution aspect of the video, whereas creators can focus themselves on creating the best video. The company has helped several people and made them a social media star.
‘Viral Moments’ focuses on identifying the most compelling or shareable videos from all across the globe. Once the team decides on a particular video, they reach out to the creators and enters into negotiation for licensing of the video for third-party use or using the video for its platforms.

As of now, the company has successfully generated over 1 million in revenue for its content creators and has also received more than 1 billion views on its Facebook page. It did face a few issues while growing up, but now it has become one of the fastest-growing Facebook pages in the world. People across all geography are following this page making it a global phenomenon.

‘Viral Moments’ has an archive that contains some of the funniest videos available on the web. The company has licensed videos directly from top media outlets like ABC, CBS, CNN, NBC, Fox, BBC, and all the major Japanese TV networks.

If we look at the way, it is getting traffic on Facebook, Viral Moments is all set to make it to the top in no time. We wish the team luck.

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