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Fire at UCN Channel Head Office Nagpur

In the latest buzz in the city, when we see ourselves combating the fatal virus called COVID 19, we see a major fire erupting in the UCN office in Nagpur. As per the Nagpur Live reports, a fire erupted in the wee hours early this Friday morning. The fire started from the roof top and then started spreading. The reports suggest that the fire could be due to short circuit and that could have triggered the fire. 

Soon the fire was noticed, the officials were quick to call the firefighters rushing on the spot and thus managed to control the situation. This has led to the loss of property to some extent, however, the actual reason behind the fire is still not known as the fire could have come from the short circuit which soon turned huge. 

As the fire fighters were able to control the fire, there were casualty reported about the same. Things are now reported to be normal and the officials are soon going to resume the services in the coming times. Well, lets see how things would move, but at the moment the officials are working to fix things and resume the services. Stay tuned to know more about it and others only with us. If you have anything to share, do let us know by commenting below.

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