Himanshi opens up on her relationship and break-up

Some of the contestants of Big Boss 13 are having a tough time after the show. Himanshi Khurana recently opened up on her relationship with her boyfriend. Himanshi Khurana has an ongoing rivalry with Shehnaz Gill. Himanshi Khurana is an ex-contestant of Big Boss 13.

Himanshi has blamed Shehnaaz for the break-up with her boyfriend. She states that Shehnaaz created a rift between the two which led to ending-up of their relationship. Himanshi was in a relationship with her boyfriend since 9 years. They both parted ways after she got evicted from the Big Boss 13 House. As per reports, Himanshi further added that Shehnaaz spoke all wrong things about her to the elder brother of Himanshi’s boyfriend who further conveyed it to Himanshi’s boyfriend. This led to a lot of misunderstandings between the couple. Also, a rift got created between the two brothers.

On the contrary, Salman Khan held Asim Riaz responsible for the break-up between the couple. In one of the episodes of Weekend ka Vaar, the host blamed Asim saying that he should have given a second thought. He said that Asim should not have conveyed his feeling towards Himanshi when he was already aware of Himanshi’s relationship. Well, Himanshi blames Shehnaaz for the same. Himanshi brought this to notice that her relationship was already going through a rough patch all this while before the commencement of the show and Shehnaaz just ruined it up. The actual reason is still not known with all this blame-game going on between these people.

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