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Timings of Anti-CAA protest likely to extend till 10 pm


Many people are aware of the ongoing Anti-CAA protest at Eidgah Ground, Jafar Nagar, Nagpur. Many Ambedkarites and women’s right groups have come up in support of this protest. The protest is Shaheen Bagh style protest by 400 women at Eidgah Ground. The others came up in their support on the second day of the protest.

The permitted time for the protest was till 5 pm in the evening. Senior police inspector Sunil Gangurde came up at around 6 pm to the venue of the protest. He issued an ultimatum to the protesters with the help of a public address system in his police jeep. He asked everyone to maintain peace and vacate the premises as the time limit was over. Some men and women left the place but asked for extending the timings from the following day. Another request was made by some to allow the women to continue the protest for two hours more. The protests are expected to end up likely by 29th Jan, 2020.

The senior police official, however, gave up expressing his lesser powers against the orders given to him. Amidst all this, people have made demands and the timings are likely to get extended. The first day of the protest was Sunday and rather a peaceful one. There was no disturbance reported and they also maintained it the following day; which was a working day for the nearby school. The organizing hands have thought to protest daily from 1 pm to 9 pm as the other timings are not suitable for even the women protesters.

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