South India Queen 2018 winner – Clareena Serrao balances quite a few things on her plate. She is an influencer, Fashion stylist, works at a corporate firm, and models for a plethora of designers in India as well as the UK.

Walking around with a full plate can be a dangerous game, you could teeter and topple something over, your arms could get tired and you’re just one misstep away from accidentally dropping down everything.

However, the Bangalore based model does all this gracefully. Overcomes all hurdles and knocks it out of the park each time.

She does so by maintaining a positive attitude and an unshakable faith. Clareena is connected with her spiritual side and believes that self-reflection is a great way to gain insight and seek solutions. If one falls, according to Clareena, that’s not a failure, rather it is another chance to get up and walk proud.

Clareena has had quite a journey. She never planned on being a model, she happened to cross paths with serendipity and came into this field. And with her talent and hard work she has bagged the titles of South India Queen 2018, Miss popular, Sankey brand ambassador, Miss Congeniality, and Miss Kerala 1st runner up.

It was Clareena herself that inspired her. She says, “I would say that my inspiration came from within. I used to be on the heavier side in my early days. I was extremely conscious of everything and would often worry about people’s opinion about me. One day I realized that this was very harmful, I then made up my mind to put a stop to this self-sabotaging mindset. Then came, what I call my “transformation”. I worked hard to become healthier and it made me so much happier. These transformation pictures can be viewed on my Instagram page. I’m proud of my journey and how far I’ve come.”.

When Clareena started modelling, it came as a shock to her family. The unfamiliar haze of an uncharted territory can scare anyone. They were on the fence about it, but they came around after seeing her massive success.

Clareena Serrao is exploring new areas to be an entrepreneur.

She is focused on achieving her goals and tells upcoming talent the same – to stay focused. She says to the upcoming generation, “Be committed to whatever you’re doing, and give it your best. When you work towards something with passion, no effort that will go waste. Put your best foot forward and leave the rest to God.”.

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