Meet Hafiz Muhammad Ahmed, making it huge in the world of Amazon as a businessman and motivational speaker

This young talent has been changing people's mindsets for the better as a mentor and experienced Amazon private label and wholesale expert

It is always surreal to know about individuals who put in every possible effort to reach their desired success and prove to the world how anything and everything is possible with passion and resilience. All these individuals, their journeys and successes act as a ray of hope, positivity and motivation for many other budding talents who wish to make it huge in their respective industries. We came to know about one such highly driven and passionate entrepreneur named Hafiz Muhammad Ahmed, who has been making his name prominent in the world of Amazon as an experienced Amazon private label and wholesale expert, mentor, businessman and motivational speaker.

Hafiz Muhammad Ahmed
Hafiz Muhammad Ahmed

Wondering who Hafiz Ahmed is? Let us tell you that this young man who hails from Pakistan has today earned a mammoth of fans and followers across the online business platforms and on social media for the kind of knowledge he has spread around and the level of momentum he has gained through his years-long experience in the industry. As an Amazon private label and wholesale expert, Hafiz Ahmed’s unique and latest techniques have outstandingly thrust him forward in the industry. Today, he serves as a great Amazon consultant, who is also the founder and CEO of “E-Comrades”, a growing e-commerce and marketing agency.

Hafiz Ahmed began his journey with Amazon in the year 2012 and since then has launched over 500 products already. Coming from a small town called Bahawalpur in Southern Punjab, Hafiz Ahmed today has taken over the e-commerce industry in ways more than one and has proved his mettle to the world as an ace entrepreneurial talent. For attaining higher education, he moved to London and then began working with Amazon, and the rest is history. To make sure he spreads his knowledge and help other budding talents in the industry, this passionate man also turned into a mentor and began conducting meetings, seminars and sessions.

As a businessman, he has travelled to different parts of the world like China, the UK, Malaysia, and the Maldives to discover better places for business. Today, Hafiz Muhammad Ahmed as the man behind E-Comrades (, contributes heavily in providing income-generating skills to people in Pakistan and making them more financially independent.

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