How Saman Tabrez Ansari Is Transforming The Entertainment & Modelling Industry From Mumbai

Saman Tabrez Ansari
Saman Tabrez Ansari

Professional Indian makeup artist by passion, Saman Tabrez Ansari, popularly known as Saman Ansari, has been working round-the-clock to produce original and breath-taking makeup looks. With her artistic eye and sophisticated translation abilities, the makeup artist has been translating and elaborating go-to makeup looks to match the colors, lines, angles, and body texture of every face.

She knows how to precisely use her potential and make everyone fall in love with her capability. She is the Founder and CEO of Makeup By Saman Tabrez Ansari and understands her position as an accredited makeup influencer. As a successful and recognized makeup artist, her main objective in life is to empower women via makeup, by naturally enhancing, manipulating, and beautifying people regardless of their race, socioeconomic situation, or body image. 

Driven by vision and inspired by beauty, Saman Tabrez Ansari’s stylish makeup looks and expertise in cosmetic techniques and management help her deliver the best results. As she always ensures to take into consideration, the effect of different lighting effects, body texture, and color appearances while preparing the look. She hopes to transform the entertainment and modelling industry globally with her knack for makeup. 

Being a professionally-acclaimed makeup artist, Saman is responsible for harmonizing a person’s aesthetic appearance in order to make them look appealing to others. She has collaborated with esteemed brands such as Sugar Cosmetics, Recode USA, Titan and over 300+ other brands. She has extensively worked with industry professionals to help them look their best. Her hard work and peer appraisals have helped her become a recognized name in the industry. At present, she is running her makeup academy Makeup By Saman Tabrez Ansari in Mumbai, where she keeps up with some of the latest and upcoming tools, styles, and technique relevant trends, she claims. 

She makes up her mind and prepares herself for a specific makeup look for the given assignment. Be it a makeup look for a movie with special effects or a makeup look based on the fashion styling requirements for a model’s shoot, she prioritizes customer satisfaction over everything else. 

Saman Tabrez Ansari began working as a makeup artist at the tender age of 20 years. As a child, she always wanted to express herself creatively. She was always the one in her family recognized for her great appeal and styling sense. Considering her innovative and stylish abilities to make everyone in her family look extraordinarily appealing for an event, her parents motivated her to take up the profession of a makeup artist. They wanted her to become an expert in cosmetic techniques and management.

She did not have anyone from her family or relatives in the makeup industry. But having a creative mindset from the very beginning, specifically in the field of beauty and style, enabled her to draw suggestions from what was happening in her workplace or industry internationally. This helped her always stay up-to-date with the latest contemporary developments. 

During the uncertain and ever-escalating pandemic conditions, Saman took the initiative to support Covid-stricken patients. She took online makeup classes of over 500+ students and donated the amount she received from them to offer service to the adversely affected patients and families. Apart from being a successful makeup artist, the Mumbai-based makeup artist is also a blogger, content creator, influencer, and music artist. She enjoys a commendable online presence & has several verified social media accounts including Spotify, Apple music, JioSaavn, Anghami, Amazon Prime music and many more. 

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