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Hudkeshwar police solved theft case in 24 hours

Monali Suraj Shirbhate, a resident of Geeta Nagar on Manewada-Besa road, had gone to attend a marriage ceremony by locking the house.

Nagpur: Acting very swiftly, the Hudkeshwar police have completely solved the case of vandalism in a house within about 18 hours and arrested the culprit. And along with this, the accused also stole jewelery worth about Rs 4.71 lakh. The theft happened during the day on Tuesday. Monali Suraj Shirbhate, a resident of Geeta Nagar on Manewada-Besa road, had gone to attend a marriage ceremony by locking the house, According to the information received from the police officers.

hudkeshwar police solved

When she returned home in the evening, she found the cupboard door open. Shocked by the same incident, Monali Suraj checked the almirah and realized that all the valuables, mostly gold jewelery weighing about 157 grams, were missing. And she immediately lodged a complaint with Hudkeshwar’s police.

Hudkeshwar’s police team led by senior police inspector Sarthak Nehete reached the spot.

The police team examined the CCTV footage and questioned the family members about the members caught on camera.

Sarthak that he had asked him about his own close servants, relatives, his shops, and those working in the house. All these people had gone to attend the marriage and stayed there for a long time. A person named Mayur Shahuji Buradkar (30) had left around 3 pm. They searched his past and also came to know that he is a resident of Chandrapur. And there were also some cases registered against him mostly in the Chandrapur district itself. He had also questioned Peacock, Forcing him to confess to the crime. They took us to a very dirty place, 2 plots behind Shirbhate’s house. There, Mayur had hidden very valuable things.

Police Action Taken

Very well versed in the design of the house, it was only after all of them had left the house, Peacock came back from the wedding venue, entered the house, stole the precious gold jewelry, and then fled.

These precious gold ornaments also include necklaces, mangalsutras, and bangles. Each of which weighs around 40 grams, which costs around Rs 1,20,000. And small chains and mangalsutras weighing about 10 grams and chains worth about 30 thousand rupees and other jewelery including earrings, lockets, etc. were recovered from the spot.

Police action has been taken under the guidance of Sumit Chaudhari, Assistant Police Inspector Swapnil Bhujbal, Investigating Officer Manoj Neware, Nurul Hasan, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Ganesh Biradar, Santosh Sontakke, Chandrashekhar Korti, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Sarthak Nehete.

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