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City Schools Seen Selling students Date for INR 2-5 each

In a shameful incident of data selling off the names of students and other details, the city has noticed some of the schools selling out at the cost of 2 to 5 INR per student to people and groups for their vested interest. They sold the data by revealing the financial status of the students and their parents at such a throwaway cost, which is horrific. As per reports, many companies are now procuring these data to target consumers fitting to their category.

As per reports, the employees selling the data are meant to make money from the companies who in turn are helping these groups in the segment of coaching industry by targetting parents to send their kids to their coaching institutes. That’s not all even the financial companies and banks are sending out messages to them announcing loans and similar other facilities for their kids for their educational purposes claimed many who have been facing these ads in their phones.

Of late, this has become common in Nagpur when employees like clerks are seen selling out data to commercial firms and companies at a meager cost without the knowledge of the management. They compile the data in the form of an excel sheet and share it with the companies who use the same with their interest and requirements. Considering the increase in the data theft activities in locals schools, a few concerned citizens have complained about the IT and Data Theft act. They want the school to secure the data of their children rather than allowing them to throw away.

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