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International Thyroid Surgical Workshop at Chikhaldhara

The knowledge of Indian doctors is vast and Indian Medicine has had made a big name globally. However, there are some problems like shortage of medicines and some other challenges that are faced by Indian doctors. Fortunately, this time, the Indian doctors have earned appreciation from the doctors of England with their work.

A workshop was organized from 30th January to 1st February, 2020 at Chikhaldhara. Dr. Madan Kapre was accompanied by his team for performing 115 surgeries at Chikhaldhara. Doctors from England too got the experience of the skills of these doctors. International Thyroid Surgical Workshop is organized annually by Nagpur-based Head and Neck Foundation, Indian Society of Thyroid Surgeons and Rotary Nagpur South. The tradition is being carried forward since 27 years. The workshop of this year was cast live at three locations. St. Mery’s Hospital of Imperial Healthcare College in London was one of the locations to experience the live surgeries. Dr. Madan Kapre has been leading the surgeries done free of cost; for over two decades.

Doctors learn various techniques for thyroid surgeries and participate actively in the workshop, every year. The technique of cervical epidural anesthesia had greatly impressed the doctors from US. This anesthesia allows to carry out thyroidectomy when patient is awake. Dr. Vidula Kapre performed it live. Dr. Devendra Mahore, Dr. Rajendra Deshmukh and Dr. Neeti Kapre took great efforts within the operation theatre so that surgeries are done smoothly. Dr. Tulsidas Bhilavekar took the after-care of all the patients and gave them the post-operative instructions.

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