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Nagpur District Gets 456 Cases with 39 Deaths Due to COVID 19

A bad day again in the Nagpur district as it continues to experience spurt in the number of COVID 19 cases. Besides the number of increasing cases for the positive patients for the virus, we now hear the death toll is rising high. On Friday, we noticed with 456 cases in the district, which is the highest in a single day. As per the Hitavada Cityline, the city has gained 267 cases out of 456 in the district. The remaining 189 comes from the rural areas of the district. 

WIth this the cumulative figure has increased to 6,504. The most ironic part was the number of deaths taking place on this day has gone up to 39, which is so far the highest number of cases in the city. With this, the total number of deaths in the city has gone up to 205. This has become a matter of concern for the administration and for the Government too. Out of 39 death cases, 35 were reported from Nagpur coming from the different areas of the city. 

The NMC relaxing the city by opening up the malls and other places from 5th August could be the reason for the increasing number of cases. However, the laxity in meeting up the requirements have remained the matter of concern for all. Now, they need to take some strict actions against the same.  With this the District Disaster Management Authority seemed to have come into action and they have now immediately posted 46 doctors from government hospitals like IGMCH and AIIMS to name a few.

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